Completed Projects

According to completion date order

Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Water Supply, Sewage – Stormwater Network and Road Projects – 20 km and 25 km of stormwater and sewage network, 10.000 m3 tank for stormwater collection, in-site roads (30 km), two (2) WWTP [5000 m3/day]

Konya Mavi Tünel – Water Supply – 100 km of steel pipe construction revision projects

Bolu Tekke Water Treatment Plant – 20.000 m3/day

Burdur Water Treatment Plant – 34.560 m3/day

Çorum Koçhisar  Water Treatment Plant – 2nd Phase– 60.000 m3/day

Birecik Water Treatment Plant – 46.000 m3/day

Ulukışla Water Supply – 55 km Steel Pipe, 3 pump stations, 3 water through, 1 main tank

Afyon Çay-Bolvadin Water Supply Project Revision – 15 km waterline revision

Afyon Çay-Bolvadin Water Treatment Revision – 60.000 m3/day

Aksaray Water Treatment Plant – 35.000m3/day

Kilis Yukarıafrin Water Treatment Plant 2. Stage – 52.000 m3/day

Aksaray Water Supply – 80 km, 4 pump stations, 6 wells, 3 tanks

Ağrı Patnos Water Treatment Plant – 40.000 m3/day

Gobtaba Iraq Water Supply  – 100 km pumped water transmission line and connection lines

Antalya Gazipaşa Water Treatment Plant – 35.000 m3/day

Iğdır Water Treatment Plant – 125.000 m3/day

Kırıkkale University Wastewater Plant

Bolu Water Supply – 10 km, 1 valve room

Sakarya – Karasu Wastewater Plant

Bursa Gemlik Water Supply

Aydın and nearby districts Water Supply

Siverek Water Supply – Preliminary and Feasibility Report

Van Gevaş Wastewater Plant

Ayas Thermal Power Plant Deep Sea Discharge

Preparation of Manavgat Central Sewerage Network Application Projects Supported by EU Fund – Consultancy

Central Manavgat Water Network Modeling Studies

Tekirdağ Water Supply

Azerbijan (İsmailli) Water Supply – Water Distribution and Transmission Lines

Azerbaijan (Ismaili) Sewerage Network

Azerbaycan (Ağhsu) Water Supply – Water Distribution and Transmission Lines

Elazığ Water Supply

Sinop Erfelek Dam Water Supply – 60 km, 3 tanks

Silopi Thermal Plant Water Supply

Kelkit-Köse-Kaş (Gümüşhane) Water Supply

Amman, Jordan Infrastructure 

Istanbul Undergraound Infrastructure – Preparation of the deplaning projects of sewerage, rainwater, electricity, drinking water and natural gas lines between Maslak Acıbadem Hospital and Darüşşafaka Station

Tram Line Drainage Preliminary Projects – Izmir Konak, Karşıyaka and Buca route of the tram line studies, preparation of preliminary design of drainage lines and tram line detection of existing infrastructure

Siirt Water Supply 4th Stage – 20 km steel pipe

ITU Ayazağa Metro Station Sewerage 

Supply and Storage of Drinking Water in Ankara and nearby districts – ASKI Metropolitan Municipality Entering the service area of ASKI’s Water Supply Network from the existing network and adequate water resources and the neighborhoods and forest villages drinking water storage and distribution system Projects Construction work

Istanbul Region 8 Interior Water Supply System Design – Design and Consultancy Services for Drinking Water System of Istanbul Metropolitan Area, (Region 8)

Nazilli OSB Drinking Water and Irrigation

İzmir Karşıyaka Infrastructures – İzmir İli Karşıyaka District Various Streets Rainwater and Sewerage Project